Chapter 1 :

 Hi all lovelies,

The idea of this collection was actually inspired by a project I did during my third year in college. The project was called “Me, Myself and I”, and this project made me recall who I was and the journey of becoming who I am today. It doesn’t mean that I have succeeded in my goals, but its always good to remind myself that I don’t have to be proud and grateful only until I succeed but instead I have to cherish every moment, be proud and grateful for every small achievement.

To mark the beginning of a new chapter of my life, I would like to make it more personal by getting inspiration by looking back to the journey from my childhood to who I am today.

I still remember when I was at my preschool age, my mum would tie my hair and style it with bows and hair pins of different styles and sizes in the morning. Looking back, the most iconic shape that represents my childhood time is the bow.

I took the ‘bow’ as my basic shape and inspiration to represent the initial and innocent self and to make it into a more feminine silhouette to represent the transformation of growing up. Transform to a better self with more confidence and charisma while still remembering who you initially were.
The whole collection is about bows and beadings. We chose these crystal beads with icy crack like appearance to illustrate the faults and flaws within the journey and to embrace the imperfection to make a better self. Every little piece of our past has turned us into who we are today, just like how the icy cracks make the beads look more unique than others.

The most interesting part about the journey of growing up is its so general but at the same time it is also very personal and we all have our own special story to tell. It is something that we can easily relate to and find out how close and similar we are but also remind ourselves about how special we are with the differences in our stories. I would like the first collection of the brand to begin with self-loving to share positive messages about recalling all those memories and experiences we should cherish and be grateful for and embrace every part of ourselves.

with love,


the co- founder of juanjuanxingxing