About us

juanjuanxingxing was founded by a Malaysian duo in 2020

Our Story


juanjuanxingxing is a contemporary luxury-slow fashion brand founded by Malaysian duo, JUAN and XING, currently based in Ireland. The duo will like to build a brand that is full of stories, whimsical dreams and our imaginations. Every single one of our collection is carrying a message to be passed on, or making aware of certain social issues.

By carrying our vision, we try not to create our collections by seasons, and not title them with years. Every story/theme, is formed by a few mini collections that provide pieces to mix and match for all seasons. We would like to introduce and provide garments that you will wear for years without worrying if this is off the trend or getting judged by wearing "past year's" collections.

Fashion can be so personal when it is not just about clothes or trends, but when it is about your own personality and what you are concerned about. The duo designers hope that when wearing #juanjuanxingxing, you are confident to shine and proud to be unique and special!


Consciously Made

" We make sure to be as conscious as possible about craftsmanship and the quality of every product we produce. We only use high quality materials to ensure the best quality we can achieve. To reduce unnecessary wastage, each of our product is made to order, we promise to make every garment with offcuts used to make other pieces to ensure there is no waste." - Juan and Xing

Environmentally Conscious

Little by little, we can make a change


Transparency and Traceability

We understand the importance of reducing carbon footprint. We promise to be open and transparent, we try to source most of materials where we're currently at, save for the beads ( we're working on that ! )


Labels, Tags and Packaging

We avoid using plastic even though they are more affordable. We choose to use recycled satin for our labels, recyclable tags and cardboard boxes for packaging, we also create reusable dust bags to protect our products from damage.

Even though we are not the most environmentally conscious brand out there, but we like to be honest, and we are constantly striving to grow better and kinder.

Thank you for taking your time to know more about us, we are so excited to start this journey alongside everyone of you.